Top Tips for investing in uncertain times

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With the political unrest both at home and abroad causing a slowdown in the economy, it’s inevitable that share prices will fluctuate. Volatile times like these can make investors feel uncomfortable, however, there should be no cause for panic. Times like these can present a good opportunity to review your portfolio and ensure it’s still aligned to meet your investment goals.

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Woodford Fund Suspension


The recent dealing suspension of Woodford Equity Income has caused investors understandable consternation. This unusual, though not unprecedented step has been undertaken to protect remaining shareholders in the fund after a period of large redemptions. With the latest news coming from Link Fund Solutions Ltd that the suspension will last until early December at least. We take a look at why the fund was suspended and what this means for investors who remain in the fund.

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First Class Funds – July 2019

Our First Class Funds List has been updated.

It is perhaps worth re-stating how our list is put together. We use the opinions of specialist rating agencies, whose job it is to dig deeper into a fund’s structure and processes, to try to identify areas of strength or weakness. We combine this with statistical data of the funds recent performance. We acknowledge that we do not have the knowledge or resources to look into the thousands of funds available to clients to perform this level of analysis and so, our opinion does not form part of the First Class Funds’ process.

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Fundwatch – July 2019

The latest edition of Fundwatch is out now and includes and update from Neil Woodford on Woodford Equity Income along with commentaries from Fund Managers of some of the most popular funds held by our clients.

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