Schroder Income – upgraded to Silver

Schroder Income, a fund that featured in our 2019 ISA Choices publication has been upgraded to Silver by Morningstar analysts.

The latest review of the value-focused fund has seen its rating moved up to match the rating on the Schroder Recovery fund, run by the same fund managers.

Murphy and Kirrage have run Schroder Income together since 2010, focusing on companies they believe are undervalued by the market and which they believe will come back into favour and generate superior returns over the long-term.

The fund aims to provide income and capital growth by investing in equities of UK companies, investing at least 80% of its assets in a concentrated range of equities of UK companies which are incorporated, headquarted or have their principle business activities in the UK.

Morningstar analyst Robert Starkey says: “The contrarian investment philosophy is founded on the belief that markets are inefficient. These inefficiencies create pricing anomalies that can be exploited by having a detailed understanding of companies and their prospects.”

To read more about the upgrade – visit the Morningstar website.

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