LF Equity Income (previously LF Woodford Equity Income) update

The FCA has provided its approval for the winding up of the Fund to commence on 18th January 2020. Therefore, the final valuation of the assets will occur on 17th January.

Link will begin paying investors the first proceeds of the sale on or around 30th January, a little later than previously thought. Proceeds from the sale will be paid into the cash facility of the product(s) you hold at the beginning of February, retaining the ISA wrapper if applicable. Please note if the fund was held within a GIA – you may be liable for capital gains tax – please check with your tax adviser if necessary.

Once in your cash facility you will be able to switch the proceeds of the sale into another fund, or withdraw as cash. If withdrawing from an ISA you will lose the tax benefits associated with the ISA wrapper.

If any further information becomes available we will publish this on our website.

If you require further information or have any questions about this, please contact our customer services team on 08085 498 477 or email info@financialdiscounts.com.